Custom Earplugs for Swimmers

Swimmer's ear - an infection of the outer ear caused by bacteria from water getting trapped in the ear canal.

Chlorinated water found in most community swimming pools is not likely to cause an ear infection. However, some people are simply more prone to ear infection than others. In those cases, it is important to keep the ears free of moisture while swimming or bathing. This is even more important for those who spend time in lake or stream water and even the ocean. 

Earplugs are an excellent way to keep moisture out of the ear canals. Custom earplugs are molded to the exact shape of your ear, allowing you to wear the plugs for extended periods of time without discomfort or irritation.

Custom swim plugs float to prevent loss in the water. Visit the manufacturer websites at westone.com and emtech.com to see the unique color options available.

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Excellent Swimming Earplug Products
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