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Custom Earplugs for Your Racing Needs

Loud and clear communication between the driver and the racing team is critical. Custom-fit electronic earplugs made by the professionals at Advanced Hearing Specialists make this possible.

Custom plugs are:
  • Lightweight (less than 1 oz. plus earmolds)
  • Deliver high quality sound (frequency response of 20 Hertz to 16K Hertz)
  • Comfortable (custom fit to your ears)
  • Dependable and durable (3-5 year lifespan)
  • Reduce noise (up to 30 decibels of attenuation)
  • Easy to use (standard 3.5 mm mono or stereo phone plug)

Custom Earplugs for Special Applications

  • Cell phone / Bluetooth headset
  • Special Operations (police, fire, EMS)
  • Secret Service
  • Television Anchors
  • Dentists
  • Pilots

Contact Advanced Hearing Specialists for your individual or group needs and be sure to ask about group discounts available.
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Turn to us for quality auto and moto racing earplugs.
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