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Industrial Hearing Conservation Services

Many businesses, especially in the manufacturing industry, deal with noise that exceeds 85 decibels, some at even more dangerous levels. As of January 1981, only workers exposed to levels of 85dB and under can voluntarily choose to wear protection. Workers exposed to 8 TWA hours of 90dB or more must be protected. The burden of providing reliable protection and enforcement is placed on the employer.

Advanced Hearing Specialists will help you with OSHA compliance by:

- Developing and maintaining a comprehensive hearing protection program
- Helping you provide a safe work environment for employees exposed to noise
- Providing comprehensive reports for the employer and employee
- Conducting baseline, retest and annual hearing screenings at your facility
- Educating employees about the negative effects of noise
- Making recommendations to employees for medical follow up
- Demonstrating proper placement of hearing protection devices
- Recommending and supplying custom-made hearing protection

No two ears are alike and over-the-counter expandable disposable earplugs do not fit everyone equally well. Some like the fit while others do not. If an employee isn't comfortable with the fit, their wearing compliance is typically less than 100%. This can create a coverage problem in your protection plan.

Benefits of Custom Hearing Protection:

- Provides the best possible fit for each and every employee
- Allows for easier and more effective monitoring of compliance
- Offers the greatest attenuation of sound for maximum protection
- Is cost effective with a custom plug life-span approximating five years
- Comes in many affordable options

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