Proper Hearing Evaluation Testing

Have you had a recent hearing evaluation? A hearing test will help to determine if you are a candidate for amplification and will give you insights into any communication issues you might be having.

Trust the experts at Advanced Hearing Specialists to help you identify the most appropriate hearing aids for your listening needs. Your audiologist works with the best manufacturers of hearing devices to ensure you receive optimal improvement in hearing.

Advanced Hearing Specialists offers the finest in custom ear molds and ear plugs for a variety of applications. Specialty ear molds are available for hearing aid fittings and a variety of ear plugs are available to help minimize hearing loss due to noise exposure.

Hearing Evaluation Services

As part of the evaluation process, the audiologist at Advanced Hearing Specialists will check your ear canals and eardrums to ensure there is no obstruction or problem prior to starting a hearing test. A thorough history is obtained to help determine the potential cause of the hearing loss and to learn about your specific listening lifestyle.

Next, the audiologist will complete a comprehensive evaluation and review the test results with you. The audiologist will determine the lowest levels at which you can hear tones and speech and will also determine how well you understand speech. Special testing is completed to determine if follow-up medical services are necessary.

If a medical condition exists, you will be referred to a physician who specializes in the ear, nose, and throat (ENT), an otolaryngologist. If medical services are not necessary, we will discuss amplification options with you.

Advanced Hearing Specialists is a locally owned and operated fully mobile audiology and hearing aid company providing services since 2000. Portable, state-of-the-art equipment is brought to your home or office for your convenience and most evaluations are completed within one hour.

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We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we have been providing excellent services and products since 2000.
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