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Providing You Quality Hearing Aid Products

Advanced Hearing Specialists, Inc. works with most manufacturers. This gives us the opportunity to look at the specific needs of each client and to select a product that best meets his or her personal and financial needs.

We offer you mobile hearing aid services that are primarily for the elderly and nursing facilities. We will come to you and provide you with all types of mobile hearing services so that you never have to leave the comfort of your residence.

Hearing Aid Brands We Use

  • Oticon, Inc.
  • Phonak
  • Unitron
  • Starkey
  • Siemens
  • Widex
  • Resound
  • Rexton

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

  • How do you know you or someone in your care has a hearing problem? 
There are many signs of hearing loss. If you, or the person you are concerned about, answers yes to any of these questions, it is time for a hearing test.
  • When you are in conversation with another person, do you have difficulty hearing every word?
  • Are you beginning to think everyone mumbles?
  • Are you saying "sorry, I didn't hear that" more and more frequently?
  • Do you think that sometimes you respond inappropriately because you really didn't hear what was said?
  • Is it getting more and more difficult to carry on a conversation when there are other conversations going on around you?
  • Can you hear well over the telephone or do you miss some of what the caller is saying?
  • Do visitors comment that your television volume is loud?
  • Can you hear your telephone, the doorbell, neighborhood sounds, news on the car radio, the sermon at church?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding social events because you are afraid you will not hear everything people say to you?
  • Did you ever work where loud noise was constant, such as an airport, manufacturing plant, construction site?
  • Do your friends and family tell you they think you may have hearing loss?
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We have been in the mobile audiology business since 2000. 
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