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Custom Ear Plugs

Advanced Hearing Specialists will come to your home or office to make an impression of your ears. These impressions are used by our manufacturers to create ear plugs that will fit perfectly and give you the best possible noise reduction (NRR up to 30 decibels).

Types of Ear Plugs

  • Insta-Mold - On The Spot (OTS) On-The-Spot – Custom molded plugs that are made on site. Molds are cut, buffed and finished and are fit within five (5) business days
  • Hear Savers - Ear mold impressions are taken and shipped to our manufacturer. Custom molded plugs are fit within ten (10) business days
  • Sonic Value II - II – Filtered – (impressions required) - fit within ten (10) business days
  • Communication Earplugs - – Electronic – (impressions required) - fit within fifteen (15) business days

Custom Ear Molds

Advanced Hearing Specialists will often make custom ear molds for clients purchasing behind-the-ear or receiver-in-canal hearing aids. An ear mold impression is made and sent to our manufacturer who creates the ear molds and returns them to our office. We then deliver and fit the molds to you.

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In the mobile audiology business since 2000.
 A company with just a few employees using custom ear plugs can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in just a few years. 

Custom ear plug attenuation values are excellent and provide many benefits over non-custom ear plugs. 
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